Heos is a new line of Wi-Fi enabled speakers and Home Theater Components. A wireless multi room audio system can be easily controlled from your smart device or local PC. All your music can be played in any room of the house. Your favorite applications like Pandora, Spotify and Deezer and many more are available. Create your own playlists in your smart phone and use Airplay for amazing sound quality. The Heos line includes 3 single Wi-Fi speakers, amplifiers for single or multiple rooms. Heos also features a Home Theater line which includes an A/V receiver, a Soundbar with matching Wireless Subwoofer.

Denon’s new A/V Receivers are now shipping with the Heos platform built in. A high performance Home Theater system may now become a Zone in a multiroom audio system. You could have a Heos 7 speaker in the Living Room, and another by the pool. A Heos 5 in the Kitchen and Office. And a Heos Soundbar and Subwoofer in the master bedroom. Each room could play a different program with it’s individual volume control. Or you may choose to group certain rooms.

Denon receivers that feature a 2nd audio zone for perhaps some Pool speakers, now have full access to their favorite streaming music.